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Debunking # 3 of the "Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth ...

The real story of online deception isn’t about the Russians.

The real story of online deception isn’t about the Russians. Sure, the Russians certainly have their own programs to disrupt and steer online discourse. But how quickly the public has forgotten about the U.S. government’s own internet troll program.
Edward Snowden leaked documents used by the “Five Eyes” alliance of governments. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia–basically Oceania from 1984–get together to spy on each other’s citizens. That’s how they cleverly get around laws against spying on their own citizens.
The leaked documents included a presentation about how government agents should disrupt online discourse.
There is a lot of overlap between these tactics, and often more than one are used simultaneously. For example, there has been a big push by the media to convince you that the end of net neutrality is a bad thing. They are masking the true nature of net neutrality–it really gives the government power to regulate aspects of the internet. And then they repackage net neutrality as necessary for freedom and open access to the internet.
When deploying government sponsored trolls online, the agents will mimic real commenters in order to sound more believable. They gain credibility since people are more likely to trust those they perceive as similar to them.
Sometimes government agents invent a crazy story and attribute it to a movement. This discredits the movement. Think Flat Earth Theory. Those primed to believe conspiracy theories get sucked in. Then all the true conspiracies are grouped in with the bogus one.
If a true conspiracy theory comes out, they invent 100 others to obscure the real one. In order for the truth to be lost among the falsities, they invent various levels of “conspiracy theories” from the slightly believable, to the absurd.
Hillary Clinton really is a corrupt psychopath.And the nastiest stank that ever walked in modern times. She is drenched in blood.
From the evidence, it seems the United States government was in some way involved in the 2001 attacks on the twin towers.And on the day of the attack, the media was used to sell planes going into buildings, when it was DEW.
The conspiracies become too unbelievable to some, and they throw the truth out with the government manufactured lies. For those that do believe the false details of a true conspiracy, they walk away with an inflated sense of how powerful and all knowing the government really is.
This also works to the government’s benefit. The over-the-top conspiracy theories become the decoy. They can then exploit those beliefs to create cognitive stress, which is another tactic of control.
Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their tactics to control attention. Trump is a big move which does a lot of masking the small moves. The media pays attention to his tweets, not his actions. When he does push for legislation, like a repeal of Obamacare, and it fails, attention drops because that seems to be the end of that.
And every time this happens, vigilance wanes. Another tweet, another legislative failure, another snub? We get it. But do we really get it?
Repetition. By now we are so used to misconduct by government officials, we just don’t pay attention anymore. Yet when the story about Pizzagate came to light, it was grouped in with conspiracy theories. No need to investigate. We were primed to put that story into the false category. But the new cue is sexual assault, and we are primed to believe any accusation, regardless of the evidence.
In efforts to demonize Bitcoin, many of these tactics are used. I’m not saying Bitcoin is beyond criticism. But I’ve seen commenters claim it was created by the CIA. That is just silly.
More likely, the government exploits the distrust libertarians tend to have in government in order to cast doubt on the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. That means fewer people will adopt technology that has the potential to bring down the worldwide banking cartel and free people from the shackles of government monetary policy.
White Nationalists and AntiFa are right out of this playbook. Each exploits the beliefs of the “other side.” The left is primed to assume anyone who disagrees with them is secretly a racist white supremacist. And the right is primed to believe the left is full of violent fanatics who want to implement a communist coup.
To be sure, some of these people exist in the real world. So government agents seize on this and magnify it with their own agents. By doing this, they cause unsuspecting citizens to join the fray. Behavior is influenced by our peers. So the perception that something is widespread or normal makes people more likely to follow the crowd.
Notice how they mention Cialdini in there? Robert B. Cialdini wrote the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I recommend reading it, not so that you can manipulate others, but so that you can prevent yourself from being manipulated.
He describes how to trigger shortcuts people use in their mental processes. For instance, a higher price usually means higher quality, so often people assume a higher priced item will be better made. But this works in many areas. People might assume a southern accent makes someone a racist, or USDA approval means healthy.

Cialdini also goes into how people are influenced by social proof, gift giving, making commitments, and a sense of inclusion. It is no surprise that the government would use these advertising and sales tactics to push their agenda online.
An Obama policy adviser, Cass Sunstein, wrote a paper in 2008 which suggests using these tactics.
Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined… Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups.
Sunstein later went on to serve on the NSA review panel.
But finally, here’s the real head spinner.
The documents mention a Haversack Ruse. This ruse involves planting false information by making the enemy think you accidentally lost it. The target thinks they got their hands on your actual plans. But in reality, they acquired fake plans.
For instance, was Edward Snowden really a leaker, or was he told to drop all this “evidence” in order to distract from what is really happening?
In such a case, the intelligence officers would be laughing their asses off. They had the balls to put the Haversack reference into a fake document that was intentionally leaked as a ruse. This fits with the elite’s serial-killer-like tendency to leave hints of their true agenda in plain sight.
That means one of two things.
Either these documents are not part of a ruse and everything in them is true.
Or, these documents are part of a Haversack Ruse. But why would the government leak these damning documents which prove their lies and untrustworthiness?
Only if the truth is so much worse.

Japan Bans mentally ill men who think they are women

By Samuel Tobias
Michelle Obama is a man
Most famous mentally ill freakazoid on the planet
At the risk of breaking a personal journalistic rule of devoting far too much time to an incredibly minuscule and unimportant issue, I must draw attention to a recent win for masculinity.  The island nation of Japan recently made a common sense decision regarding the extremely minute portion of its population that is dealing with the first world problem of its genitalia not matching the perceived sex of the owner, known in the West as transsexuals or “gender questioning individuals” to use the word salad nonsensical parlance of the day.
First, I should clarify that no one is being banned, deported, or shipped out of the country in a way that a more aggressive nation like Saudi Arabia might handle this issue.  Instead Japan has a simple policy which efficiently handles the transsexual question—one that seems to bewilder and confuse the Western world, who must devote weekly news articles, federal legislation, prime time (((television programming))) and endless discussion on how to handle this fraction of a percentage of its population. But, that's satanism for you, always shoving evil down our throats and threatening us with jail time if we dissent against this wrong against the Creator.
It works like this: do you have a penis? If yes then you cannot be a chick. It’s as simple as that.
With that one universal test, Japan has disposed of the endless head-scratching and policy making by Western politicians, critics, and social justice warriors about how to describe their private parts on government identification cards or which restrooms to pee in. In Japan you will be considered a man as long as you have a penis. End of story.
Likewise, if you have a vagina, you will be considered a woman.  No matter what clothes you are wearing, how deep your voice is, or how you choose to “identify” that day.  The beauty is in the simplicity.
While Western nations must debate and compromise, legislate and propose, carving out exceptions for this or that behavior and endlessly consulting irate social justice warriors in a futile attempt to placate them, Japan disposes with the entire question of transsexual people with the simple question.
In the Japanese system, Bruce Jenner would not once have been a news story during my lifetime, as he has done nothing newsworthy since winning a 1976 Olympic medal.  If and when he actually removes his penis and replaces it with a surgical vagina (Sugina from hereon), only then could he be properly considered a female and could announce he would like to be referred to as Caitlyn. (A person changing their sex is still not a newsworthy story to me, but I suppose there are those who would be interested to know what happened to this former hero of theirs).

Japan: Isolated from Pozzed Western Culture

Japan is a fascinating nation.  As an island nation, it is naturally more isolated than most cultures, and is able to control physically and culturally what enters its society.  Japan is one of the more difficult countries to immigrate to, and I have been told that Japanese will never fully accept Westerners, even if you take a Japanese wife and live there for decades (and why should they, as those actions will make you no more Japanese than Bruce Jenner installing a sugina will make him a woman).
Countries that have been under European control
Japan is one of the only societies in the world that was never controlled by Europeans.  It holds on to its traditions, and has a strong history of physical fitness including the samurai warrior.  While Westerners are committing virtual seppuku because they touched a woman’s butt in 1984, Japanese businessmen will glibly walk to a vending machine and purchase a high school girl’s panties for sexual purposes.
An oddity to a westerner, but in Japan men are not ashamed to be men
An oddity to a westerner, but in Japan men are not ashamed to be men
Odd?  Sure, and I’m not going to even go down the road of weird Japanese kinks and bizarre pornography, but the point is the Japanese are proudly Japanese, and will not let others shame them into changing their behavior.  I will always remember the line from James Bond’s You Only Live Twice concerning women and men, which made an indelible impression on me since childhood.
In Japan, men always come first. Women come second.
In Japan, men always come first. Women come second.

What Is A Woman?

Outside of the West in The Current Year, I doubt anyone has given this question serious thought, but today, sadly, it is necessary.  If you ask yourself what truly makes someone a woman, It comes down to whether they have a penis or a vagina in their pants.
While there are levels of masculinity and femininity which vary between the sexes, at the end of the day, if you really want to know someone’s sex, you want to know what genitalia they have.  All Japan is doing is confirming, yes, that is exactly what sex means.

Common Sense:  A Lost Idea In The West

Dr. Wang, Japan’s Top Sex Change Doctor
Dr. Wang, Japan’s Top Sex Change Doctor
By forcing those who claim their sex is “wrong” to surgically correct their sex, Japan is calling their bluff and separating the trans-trenders from the trans-genders.  There is no further debate or discussion needed with such a policy.  While the West is trying to fire, fine or even imprison people for using the wrong (read: grammatically correct) gender pronouns when referring to mentally ill snowflake students, Japan has a simple system:  If you want to be a woman, you need to have a vagina.  If you weren’t born with one, get one first and check back with us. No real man, except another mentally ill freakazoid, is going to want to settle down with you and your "trying to hide it from you" penis. Not for a day, an hour, or a minute.

A Win-Win Policy

While most of us probably aren’t comfortable with the idea of going to bed with someone who was born a man, the truth is, if one are attractive enough, and has a vagina, men will want to sleep with you, especially if they don’t know about your past (this is a universal truth, not specific to trannies).  So if potential trannies really want acceptance by men in the sexual marketplace, this is exactly the model they should be following. Thing is, men will eventually find out about you and probably beat the shit out of you for all the little deception games you worked on them. Especially that shave you need four times a day to hide your former manliness, now that you are a certified pansy.

You satanic freaks make most normal people want to vomit, you really do. That's how sick and revolted we are of  your snowflake damaged existence. We are sick and tired of having your bullshit rights shoved up our collective asses, so you can sashay around like a prom queen in denial, all because some satanist raped you when you were 7.  You were born into your life because you were a shitty person in previous lives and its up to you to start being a better soul, with what little time you have, not be some monstrosity like Michael Obama, that black freak job who sucked Obama's Johnson while in the White House. But like before, you are still a shitty person, demanding that other's accept your freakish, Sodomite ways, when no one wants to and in another age, would burn your ass at the stake. Or at the very least, stone you to death.

You will never be truly accepted and frankly, what decent society wants you around trying to get our kids into bed with your bullshit stories and scams, like any New York prostitute. The page will turn, and when it does, you will wish you could take it all back, but stunted souls like you NEVER learn. So that is just  a pipe dream that for you, is just dust on the wind. You are a devil, like your father. So no surprise.

But know this: we see through your BS. You are as transparent as glass and all the dicks up your ass won't make you more acceptable. We just want you away from our children. Because frankly, you are and always will be, an abomination. Now get the fuck out of here and stay away.

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Fire Hell has shifted into Santa Barbara county again, in a serious way

Santa barbara

mandatory evac in Carpenteria, Montecito

Carp and the canyons...firestorms

houses going up along hwy 192
New Explosive burns in areas already burned. How is that possible, other than these are locales that were spared the first time around. Well, not anymore.

A fresh new burn, that wasn't there and dead out since this morning. This is at the lake. The only part of the lake and shore that didn't burn was where the DUMB is located-its cover is a botanical
A fresh new burn, at a ranch northwest of the 150 + 33. It's gone.

Miramonte fire 12 9 17 Thomas Fire

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Body-Cam Video Of Daniel Shaver Shooting, mudered by police because the killer with a badge is in love with death, and wants to join the 8 ball club

Sulfur mt arson a 12 9 17 Thomas Fire ongoing

MKULTRA and SRA satanists...

The GAME and Young Buck caught in a real strange and suspect HollyWeird moment. Young Buck shows that he can offer little if any resistance to the overly aggressive GAME and the GAME knows it.
There is a lot of speculative stuff on the internet about the ritual sacrifice of Whitney Houston and Queen Elizabeth nonsense. However, there is no doubt that in the evening of Saturday, February 11, 2011, while the Black Diva was lying dead in a Beverly Hilton hotel room, there were predominately 800 white guests, Alicia Keys and other black entertainers, a floor below, chillingly, celebrating her death. One of Satan’s newest playgirls of the Occult, Alicia Keys with the “Devil Horns” and “Veiled Eye of Horus” was the headliner of the the Clive Davis affair. Above, she is appropriately dressed for the occasion. Dressed in red, it is the color of the Oriental Dragon. She also tells the world that she has reached a new low. She had taken one more bite of forbidden fruit, “Adam’s Apple.” In the Garden of Eden, Adam universally partaken sin by eating the red apple. The color of the apple from religious, Greek mythology, and history was red. The color red is also the color of symbolic sacrifice. “And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe.” Matthew 27:28 It is also one of the colors of the Scarlet Woman of Revelation [Revelation 17:1-6]. Red is also the color of Blood Sacrifice.
The red dress has a picture of figure most likely Medusa of Greek Mythology. Medusa was a legendary Gorgon, a BEAST. Nicky performed a ceremony at the Grammys that was dubbed, “The Exorcism of Roman“, which I believe was directly related to the Symbolic Sacrifice of the Black Diva-Messiah. One of Nicky Minaj’s widely mass media cerebrated alter MPD personalities is ROMAN ZOLANSKI. It is actually ABC’s The View-Whoopi Goldberg’s friend and her former boyfriend’s Satanic Mentor, ROMAN POLANSKIi, the Devil in the Details. They play no games.
ROMAN POLANSKI is a notorious elite fugitive pedophile and powerful international Luciferian.[31] During the 1960s, POLANSKI was part of an extremely dangerous and chilling Hollywood star studded satanic coven in Laurel Canyon near Lookout Mountain linked to the 1968 CIA assassination of U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy; and convicted MK ULTRA mass murderer Charles Manson. The Laurel Canyon coven of Lookout Mountain has also been linked to drug trafficking, mind control child sex slaves, pornography, snuff films, murder, and the occult of the BEAST 666, Aleister Crowley.
POLANSKI has produced and directed two of the most infamous clandestine Luciferian initiation rite and occulted horror movies in history, Rosemary’s Baby (1968), and the Ninth Gate (2000).[32] POLANASKI was born in Paris, France in 1933. During the reign of Nazis in Eastern Europe, Polanski’s mother was murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. His father barely survived the Austrian concentration camp Mauthausen-Gusen.[33] In 1977, after a photo (child pornography) shoot at the home of actor Jack Nicholson near Lookout Mountain, Polanski was arrested for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. He was charged with rape but pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor. To avoid sentencing, POLANSKI fled to his home in London, and then moved on to France the following day.[34]
It is interesting to note that the primary prosecuting witness against POLANSKI was Actress Anjelica Huston,[35] the daughter of Hollywood actor and film director, John Huston.[36] Anjelica was the girlfriend of demented Bob Richardson, above, father of the infamous Satanist-Nazi loving fashion iconic photographer of Barack Obama and Kanye West, Terry Richardson. [37] They’re all part of the same secret powerful international Satanic Coven.
Ninth Gate like POLANSKI’s 1968 Rosemary’s Baby [calling forth the Great BEAST Aleister Crowley’s Moon Child (Satan’s Offspring)] is a slick covert Luciferian initiation rite film. The Ninth Gate is designed to subliminally draw in the unsuspecting and guide and initiate them into and through the nine gates of HELL. So, why is Nicki Minaj reimaging in exorcism an international fugitive, ROMAN POLANSKI, in mass media on the day that Whitney Houston died? Lucifer’s Servants Play No Game: the Sharon Tate Satanic Murders
In 1969, POLANSKI and his Luciferian Coven were involved in one of the most infamous horrific mass murder satanic sacrifices in American History, the Sharon Tate Murders.
On August 9, 1969, Sharon Tate, Victim 1, was eight and a half months pregnant when she and her unborn child were savagely slaughtered in her home, along with four others, by followers of Charles Manson. Tate was married to ROMAN POLANSKI. Sharon was two weeks from giving birth. She pleaded with the assassins, at least, save the baby. The unborn child died in her womb. The horrific mass murders took place at their home located near Lookout Mountain at 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon.
One of their victims, Abigail Folger, Victim 2, must have put up a courageous struggle and made a frantic attempt to save her life. She was found blooded and dead just outside the house.
folger suffered massive and savage face stab wounds from the assassins. They no games.
Tate and her former lover, the infamous Hairdresser of the Stars, Jay Thomas Sebring, Victim 3, were hung from the rafters of the ceiling, stabbed, tortured, and strangled to death.
Their outer victim, Wojciech Frykowski, Victim 4, was also found outside the house blooded, savagely beaten and stabbed to death. Below, Steven Parent, 18, just happened on the crime scene to visit the Polanski’s dog keeper in a back house. He was also slain, stabbed and shot in the head. He became the infamous 5th victim at 10050 Cielo Drive. As they were leaving, the satanic assassins used a towel dipped in Sharon Tate’s blood to write DEATH TO PIGS on the wall and PIG on the front door.
Preston Guillory, a former deputy sheriff in Los Angeles, reportedly revealed that, “A few weeks prior to the [arrests at the] Spahn Ranch raid, we were told that we weren’t to arrest Manson or any of his followers the reason he was left on the street was because our department thought that he was going to launch an attack on the Black Panthers.”[38] The Satanic Slaughters didn’t end on Cielo Drive. On August 10, 1969, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were heinously slain in their home down the way from Laurel Canyon and Hollywood.
WAR (racial) was carved out of Leno’s body. As the satanic assassins left, with the blood of the LaBiancas, they left a false calling call on the wall of the home, again, “Death to Pigs.” Charles “Tex” Watson is generally believed to have been one of the main butcher in the Satanic Tate and LaBrianca Murders. Tex came to California sometime during the summer of 1967. He was in the same Hollywood-Beverly Hills business as Jay Sebring in hair dressing products. Tex had been the co-owner of Crown Wig Creations on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. In the fall of 1968, Tex joined the Manson Family after allegedly meeting but most likely setup with Charles Manson at the Beach Boys Dennis Wilson’s house in Laura Canyon. POLANSKI’s old Polish friend, Wojciech Frykowski, and Jay Sebring were involved in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles drug trade linked to the Canadian Mob through the infamous French Connection. POLANSKI’s inner circle regularly supplied Tex and Manson Family with drugs, which included “Orange Sunshine” LSD. Tex wrote in his prison memoir, Will You Die for Me?, that it was the use of the Orange Sunshine LSD that finally convinced him that Manson’s Helter Skelter, apocalyptic vision was real. Orange Sunshine was primarily manufactured and distributed by a group known as “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” who operated out of a beach resort near Los Angeles. One of the Brotherhood’s major drug manufacturers and dealers was Ronald Hadley Stark of New York. The Brotherhood was controlled by Ronald Stark, whom an Italian High Court concluded had been a CIA agent since 1960. The Brotherhood’s funds were channeled through Castle Bank in the Bahamas, a known CIA “proprietary.” Stark had been secretly attached to a CIA project later to be revealed as MK ULTRA. Additionally, Sharon Tate was a well known and established “Witch”, who was inducted into witchcraft in London on the set of the POLANSKI-directed film, The Fearless Vampire Killers, by Alexander Saunders, “King of the Witches.” Saunders had received direct ‘training’ as a child from the BEAST 666, Aleister Crowley. The POLANSKI house had been a well known coven haven that practiced witchcraft and conducted regular satanic rituals and ceremonials that included Tex and the Manson Family. Manson Family Member, Susan Atkins, above, had also been a well known and infamous “Witch” of Mendocino County that had been part of POLANSKI‘s secret Satanic Coven. Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins, who admitted stabbing Sharon Tate, was also an adept of the infamous Satanist Anton Szandor LeVay, Church of Satan. Below, Susan Aktins, nude, in a 1966 satanic ritual with her Luciferian Mentor, Anton LeVay.
LeVay, below left, with the familar demonic hypnotic stare was the technical advisor to POLANSKI’s legendary Rosemary’s Baby which Sharon Tate also played a small part in, and is generally believed to have played the part of the DEVIL in the movie.
After Tex’s extradition from Texas to face murder charges, a self destruct or termination alter personality took over Tex’s primary personality to protect his MK ULTRA handlers, the sources of his mind control programming. In October of 1970, Tex was sent to Atascadero State Hospital. He was adjudged insane and unable to stand trial. A report said the then 24-year-old was “turning into a vegetable.” He was being fed by a tube having lost 50 pounds and staring off into space and giggling. A UPI story quotes the report, “He remains mute and nonverbal,” it said. “At times he appears to understand and tears well up in his eyes.”
He subsequently was tried and convicted of murder, but his handlers remain unknown. However, we know that after he arrived in California and before joining the Manson Family in the fall of 1968, Tex had lived at 8584 Wonderland Avenue for 5-6 months. It was enough time for him to be mind control programmed for a special operational project of MK ULTRA. The secret and classified 8935 Lookout Mountain Blvd facility sits directly opposite to and just down the way to the inamous Wonderland Avenue of Laurel Canyon.
The Polanski Satanic Cult, Manson Family and the Sharon Tate sacrifices were secret projects of the Lookout Mountain Laboratory. For decades, the mountains and canyons, particularly Laurel Canyon, overlooking Hollywood hid a lot of things even outlaws of Wild-Wild West and racialist “White Knights” to a complete $4 million pre WWII Nazi Compound and Fort.[41] Hidden in a valley in Laurel Canyon on Wonderland Park Avenue during the 1960s was a Top-Secret U.S. Military propaganda machine, Lookup Mountain Laboratory. In 1941, the United States, the Army Air Corps (1352d Motion Picture Squadron) secured a 21/2 acre hidden from view site in Wonderland Park Valley, now Wonderland Park Avenue in Laurel Canyon and turned it into a top secret electrical fenced movie production house identified as the Lookup Mountain Laboratory.[42] In 1947, two years after the end of World War II, Lookout Lab operations suddenly covered post-war propaganda for all branches of the U.S. Military, which indicates it had come under the domain of the Pentagon. The Lab was turned into what had been claimed to be the world’s only completely self-contained movie studio. With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults. It also had underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter.[43] Lookup Mountain Laboratory also had something to do with developing secret weapon testing films for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The existence of this facility wasn’t acknowledged until the early 90s even though it had produced some 19,000 government propaganda films, and had the likes of John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe working there with top-secret clearances on national security “undisclosed projects”[44]. Lookout Mountain Lab and CIA MK ULTRA Mind Control Svali, an alias, an Illuminati defector revealed that there was a secret location in California which made all of the training films for “Trauma-based mind control”.[45] Most likely than not, it was the Lookout Mountain Lab and the referenced training films were undoubtedly part of the CIA MK-ULTRA mind control program which would be extremely significant and be of great implication. Hollywood civilian studio staff from Warner Brothers, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and RKO secretly worked alongside its military staff as producers, cameramen and directors.[46] The lab conducted top secret experiments; and shot military training films and documentaries here until the clandestine studio was suddenly decommissioned in 1969 [47] most likely after or just prior to the Manson Family Helter Skelter Project in the canyons.[48] The Secret Fort Hunt Treaty between Der Generalmajor Reinhard Gehlen, Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler’s SS and U.S. Government created an Unholy Alliances with the Nazis regarding the national security of the nation. Their collaboration was the roots of the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[49] Following the Fort Hunt Treaty, over tens of thousands ardent Nazi scientist, doctors, technicians, military, intelligence and counter intelligence operatives-specialists were secretly smuggled into the U.S through Project PAPERCLIP then clandestinely nested in federal national security departments; military, and other U.S. agencies and departments; local governments, universities, hospitals, and corporations. The National Security Act of July 26, 1947 officially established the CIA. The Nazis, particularly the SS, Set-Baphomet Teutonic Knights of the Black Sun, officially went on the U.S. Government-Taxpayer payrolls, and the operations at Lookout Lab suddenly significantly expanded and increased that very same year. I suspect that Lookout Lab was the result of yet another secret Nazi and U.S. Government collaboration. It was an extension of Reichsminister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, Paul Josef Goebbels’ Nazi Propaganda Machine into America. Reichsminister Goebbels had been largely responsible for creating the Nazi mass media propaganda program to control public and world opinion to among other things; spin the rise of the mythic Fuehrer, expand Nazi Germany’s Wotan (Aryan Supremacy) Paganism and mask and veil its vast military and intelligence global aggression war machine for world domination; racial genocide of Jews and People of Color.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Burning down Southern California Updated DAILY

Your Village Dork DB, me love you long time

Reporter in the mix of the Thomas Fire DB

An evil plan, to an evil place...wasn't always thus. But the witches came and came, and soured the Earth. Save for a few decent sorts, and in the end...well.

This blog will be updated several times a day while this event continues, but I have to evacuate and before that, go back into the fire to rescue someone's animals and belongings. It seems that although the fire already swept through the area once in eastern Ojai, suspicious fresh new burns are starting up again in those sections that weren't burned down the first time. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts.

Like Northern California, Southern California-or So Cal- is the beneficiary of a very evil plan to remove people from the countryside, hinterlands, mountains, and anywhere that people have their own wells, propane tanks, and arable land for growing.
It all started Monday, December 4th, at 2 in the afternoon. I was outside, which has an overlook of highway 33 and I watched as 2 miles worth of pumper trucks that the firemen use, head out of town. I had never seen so many fire trucks at one time, except on the news or internet. I literally said, something is up, but I see no smoke anywhere nor have heard about a fire anywhere. 2 PM Monday, remember that. at 9PM they turned off the power to both Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for 13 hours. This trapped many people, and created complete traffic jams that went for miles in every direction, on every main road.

Then, at 6:15PM on Monday, there were initial reports of a fire at the Devil's hole location at the Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary school, run by Jesuits and adjacent to an NSA listening post with many large scale dishes and DUMB. There is where they say the fire started. The very first fire of hundreds that would appear all at once within the same 24 hours spread over an area the size of France.

I know all this because I live in the middle of all this and have spent all week doing rescues, evacuating, and watching fires roar through the mountains that ring Ojai Valley without any planes, helicopters, or fire fighting personnel or equipment anywhere to be seen. ALL week, except for one small enclave where EX POLICE, FIREMEN, AND FEDERAL AGENTS LIVE IN RETIREMENT. THAT ONE LITTLE AREA GOT ALL THE EQUIPMENT AND ALL THE PRISON LABOR TO DO THE ACTUAL FIRE FIGHTING THAT OUR WAY OVERPAID FIREMEN NEVER DO, BECAUSE IT IS SO DANGEROUS. That enclave on Encino road was protected, but everywhere else from Fillmore to the ocean and from the Los Padres national forest to Carpenteria was just left to burn.

And I have the proof, as you will see.

Even now, as I write this at 4am Thursday, December 7th, the fires are ringing our home in a circle all burning ferociously and nothing is being done to stop them. At all. Thousands of homes and 50,000 people so far have been burned out of their land and homes. And, as the EPA instituted a little obscure rule with the Forest Service a few years back, once an EPA designated habitat area is destroyed, the land reverts to the Federal government and the people cannot rebuild. They lose everything to the government. As is happening.

Everything that says burn scar is completely destroyed homes, land, farms.

I know this because I was in a field at the furthest end of Ojai Valley Wednesday morning, as over 16 battalion command cars came by the field I was filming in, taking pictures of the land they did nothing to protect and of me. And these were forest service personnel and Fire chiefs. Doing nothing, but they DID HAVE huge cameras and all they did was talk on the phone and take pictures of everything that had been destroyed. They seemed most interested in any surviving structures, of which a friend of mine's home DID survive, when all the others around her for two miles in any direction were burned to the ground. Oh yes, they were very interested in her home.

One of 16 such fire chiefs of both ventura county firemen and forest service, come to inspect our little standing house, in the midst of devastation in every direction. 16 within 40 minutes, and all different guys, by the license plate numbers we observed. Prayer saved this home, as son Matthew and I at 5am Tuesday stood in her living room as we were rushing to get her out as the flames were within 100 feet of her in three directions and ask Yahuah, our Father, to allow this home to be unharmed. It was. And is. So far. Because it looked like they wanted to fire the place. And now, they have created roadblocks so we cannot come in and feed her chickens or check on the house. These are satanists, who do such things.

TUESDAY 12-5-17
The firestorm moving at a speed of 100 feet per second

We had to rescue a dear lady who lived alone in the country, while this wall of fire closed in on us from every direction

Safely back at home, later Tuesday morning, we could see burns in every direction of the valley north, east, and south. This view is to the west.
sunrise Tuesday morning, no firetrucks anywhere and we WERE EVERYWHERE the fire was. Taken from Ojai ave 6am,on our way to get someone out of an area that was burning. We came across police roadblocks, so we have to take dirt roads behind the regular roads and as we got near our destination, yet another sheriff stopped us, telling us everyone behind had been evacuated. We informed his that was impossible, as we had just spoken to the lady, who was 300 yards from his roadblock. He let us through, and then ALL OF US, found our cell phones had been disabled after that and we could not call or message anyone.

Mandatory Evacuations on Tuesday morning
  • Ventura Ave from Canada Larga to Foster Road
  • Creek Rd at Ventura St.
  • Creek Rd north to Camp Comfort
  • Ventura St North to Montgomery
  • Creek Rd south of Camp Comfort
  • Persimen Hill
  • Norweign Track
  • Casitas Springs
  • McAndrew Rd, Thatcher Rd, Canada Rd, Reeves Rd
  • Foster Park
  • In Santa Paula, everything east of Say Rd to the north city limits
  • SR 150 W. of Peck north of Virginia Terrace
  • Foothill, Telegraph and Ashwood Hill
  • County Inn Estates mobile home park at Wells and Telegraph
  • Encino Rd (where we live)
  • Alto Rd
  • Feliz Rd
  • Thatcher School
  • La Conchita and Emma Woods State Beach area
  • All of Rancho Vista Rd north of Foothill from road closure
  • 4 miles of Hwy 150 north of Hwy 101
  • Grand Ave to Carne Rd
  • Reeves Rd to Carne Rd
  • All of Casitas Pass Rd

Coastal range firestorm, mostly hidden by smoke. This firestorm runs the entire length of our view of it. And starting at the beach tuesday evening, is now heading into Ojai Valley, taking out scores of homes ranches, farms, orchards. And as we can see and hear, nothing is being done to stop it.

Spoke to a lady doing a rescue of animals in River Bottom, the lowest, western section of Ojai valley. She says the frestorm is 15 miles wide, has come down the mountain range, and is descending upon the valley at the NOW DRY Ojai River. And she reports no fire trucks, personnel or anything abouts to fight the fire. As we've seen all week, save for the elite section of Ojai Tuesday night. Also, Someone actually donated 25 bucks to help. Thanks Eric. I promise to use to help all involved, as we've taken in folks and they are still ordering us to leave, we'd rather wait until the flames are at the door. It also appears, that someone is going around firing various areas starting new burns too far from existing firewalls, and only in country settings. Like NorCal. It's our turn.

You're prayers are most gratefully received, God Bless You all, you decent souls.

Thursday Night 12-7-17

First, in memory of Uncle John John, as Mom called him - Battleship California, killed Pearl harbor
 Image result for uss california sinking
Image result for uss california sinking
The California took several direct hits, throwing many sailors overboard, like John

Image result for uss california sinking
Firestorm, finally come at us from the west tonight, two miles away. After a week of rescues, evacutions, missing fire crews, and NO helicopters or planes, now this.

A wall of fire tonight 12 miles long, heading our way. Sorry for the shaky picture, shot it freehand in dense smoke.

This is actually a wall of fire coming down from wheeler springs and now, they say, Meiner's Oaks is burning in River bottom. THe entire ocean range from main street ventura to Summerland is now gone. so much for a nice place to live or is that the point?

We are in the middle of the reverse C
our lovely coastal range, a wasteland now

City more homes in the hills
Why this more people in the mountains and hills
We chose to stay, see it through. Looking back, over last five days of this horror show in our laps, glad we did. Lives and animals were saved by it. Trusting in the Father gives all good things.
A rescue done Tuesday morning and the aftermath the next day, the entire ridge and all those homes destroyed. Save the few where we were only. Odd that. There is a house behind this view, of which a dear lady was saved, happily. Police tried to stop us from coming in, saying all were evacuated, at this very spot, when I knew better and told him so. Of course she was at her home, waiting for us to come. Then they turned off all our cell phones.

Everywhere you go, away from the fire, is patches of burn that make no sense.

Pristine, and most beautiful creek road, now a wasteland. We watched them, as we live nearly on it, do nothing as the flames swept down the mountain and took out everything. No planes, no helos, no firetrucks. Just battalion commanders standing around.
Frankly, all week, the only people we saw were just regular folks,  putting themselves in harm"s way, helping people get out. No firemen or police were doing such work. Not until Thursday night, did we see them finally go into action...with prison labor. Also, we have helo shots of them finally at 3pm Thursday, getting buckets of water from lake Casitas and doing drops up wheeler canyon.
Finally, 3pm Thursday, the whole empire that is fire fighting swings into action with everything they have and the boys prove what could have saved 200,000 acres, countless homes, and many lives, had this been turned on Monday night, Early Tuesday at the latest. Division strength personnel, when you add in prison labor, and whammo, the wall of fire in Western Ojai get bombed into non-existence.

Strange blue light...

Another little fun feature of this fire and ongoing, is the turning off of the power for 12 hours at a stretch, making it near impossible to open garage doors, see what you are doing in the dark, etc. And always where folks need rescuing. No one seems to be asking these questions on any twitter feed or anything. It's all THANKYOU MISTER FIREMAN shite...really. I didn't see them on the edges of the blaze all week, just tards like us...I did see, though, lots of prison labor trucks moving around the valley, the guys theyACTUALLY PUT ON THE FIRE LINE IN FRONT OF 100 FOOT FLAMES. and when that passes, regular firemen, putting out smoldering embers.

Firemen putting out some embers in a field, far away from the fireline, where nothing is around to burn. What could burn here, already did, in east end. I'm sure they have their reasons, just given the necessity of these guys being on the frontlines, being in the rear with the gear makes no sense. There is no brush or structures anywhere near this spot. We had to hike through a mile of forest to get to a house, to save the animals of a house, the day before.

 current burn map 128-17 we are at the star. it's in error. the map. the two ends of the C have connected in a circle and are moving EAST towards us.

Here comes the sunrise...there is a wall of fire in front of us to the west. Can't see it because of smoke density, but we know its there. If practicable, will  up date further.

Prison labor, dollar a day, ON THE FIRE LINE.

Fillmore, Lake Piru, all those country farms and homes...gone
It is NOT illegal. Afraid we might see something?

Everytime the fire is out, it springs up again from another direction.
Downtown Ojai...DEMON in fire. Look in flames, it's there. All of these fires are being hexed. And all are ARSON. Think about it. All the country settings from San Diego to Santa Barbara, burning all at once and at the same time. Fires left to burn, taking out entire communities, with perfect regularity? That's no accident.

Visibility at our place, 50 feet, air unbreathable, even with masks. friday 730am 12-8-17

Nevai, Donna, bless your hearts.

A reader asks about the EPA thingy taking land back from the people. Here was my answer

it was on an EPA site we found a few years ago, because in helping a friend find a home out here, we kept running into maps that said, EPA zone 5. And, two years ago, the lady we rescued had forest personnel all over her place and she was, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Then she was ignored. All we could find was this obscure EPA rule. I didn't download it, but it's out there.

A fire unstopped...tearing through the countryside, town after town.
All of Upper Ojai, a rather large and old section of Ojai Valley, is completely incinerated.
RED CROSS...getting millions...just leaving stacks of fluoridated water battles at the end of streets. Oh, and taking well posed pics for more money. As well, there are now HUNDREDS of organized go fund me and patreon deals for money, mostly from people having nothing to do with the fire and using other's pictures for graft. It's sickening.

No planes, no helos, no fire personnel...
NO WIND TODAY OR no excuses about the planes or choppers not flying.

SEE LINK REVEALING FIREMEN STARTING FIRES IN NEW AREAS, NOT BACK BURN. AS THESE FIRE STARTS ARE IN HEAVILY WOODED AND POPULATED AREAS WITH MANY HOMES AND SMALL ORCHARD RANCHES, AS IN THE CASE BELOW. I know East Valley Road very well, and it is the high road, also known as state highway 192, above Santa Barbara. Which, of course, is burning now. Wonder how that fire started? 

Fire already destroyed this Nordhoff range of mountains at this location, but on Thursday afternoon, right in front of me, a new burn exploded, right where buildings that survived the first time around, were standing. Wish I had a drone with Go Pro level camera on it, I'd use it.

It's Friday evening and the fires still burn. In carpenteria, Los Padres Forest, Fillmore, Lake Piru, Moorpark, ALL THE CHANNEL ISLANDS-HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, THEY ARE 20 MILES AWAY IN THE OCEAN? And on and on... The smoke has been so dense all day that visibility is about 100 feet in any direction. I've been wearing a bandanna to breathe, but.... I and we are most grateful for the spiritual and other support. Your kind words and thoughts are received happily. It's like a boost that helps push through the long days. And this week has been a trying one. I've lived through many natural disasters, but this firestorm has beaten all the others I've dealt with. The one in January 2000, 2007 SCV, etc. The Northridge earthquake, and others. 

These were satanic affairs, as they love marking their work with many tells. This one is, as disasters go, a big one. It  has and will continue to affect, some 2 million lives, long after the fires are gone. Lives will change forever. People have died and will die. Lies are being told as truths, by the same old liars in the media, govt, and organized bureaucrat crime syndicates, known as the county and state business mafia.
Strange Blue Light in moutains above Fillmore BEFORE they burned

Some of the boys, starting new burns. Dumping their tanks on city roads, which is illegal because of the chemicals. We witnessed them do that yesterday, Thursday 12-7-17

 We all read of terrible events that affect the world. And many of us have had to live through them, giving us a keener empathy and understanding when it happens to others. We know what it is like to be in danger, to save others from danger, and to see the very people we count on to do their job and save the situation not only make it worse, but in fact, create the danger to begin with. And these thugs are highly paid monsters who always want more, play the victim, and act the hero. And they are none.

You all are the hero. In your own ways, your kindness, and empathy. Those in the mess, know their duty. Do what you can, always. Be strong for the weak and panicky. And Pray for guidance and fortitude. That's the thing. And to see love come your way, even when NOT asked for, is such a wonderful blessing. Big hugs and kisses to you all.

Thanks Pam, you angel of the Pacific, for being there...


UPDATE 12-9-17
We are still here and okay. Quite a week, with many close calls for us and others. So many were not so lucky. I actually saw people on ridges point at the fire and laughing. Satanic shites. These monsters are in love with death.
Ventura, LA, Santa Barbara far
Weather balloon type sat pics of the area, as of Thursday...nothing current

This map does not show the destruction of Moorpark, Simi Valley, nor that the fire has moved eastward into Piru Lke area. Like all Official maps, they UNDER represent the truth of things, for they have no truth in them.
Matilda Junior High School
A nice, well behaved model and integrated community of Anglo and Hispanic, erased. Moorpark and West Simi, has always been what integration of cultures should and can be. Always. To fire this fine example of most excellent non-racist residences, is just wrong. But they did. Instead the satanic left agents of chaos try to turn races against each other, creating death and destruction. Moorpark and Simi has been since the 1960s, an ideal place to raise a family and is highly moral. The ladies are ladies and the young girls act and are, virtuous women worth dating and marrying. Oh well...

Above Ojai, Highway 33

Fillmore from Moorpark and Simi Valley, yesterday...It has now moved another 5 miles east taking out the most beautiful drive in Los Angeles County, the 126 corridor
No one loves me, I'm all alone, They set fire to our homes. Dear Father, in your hands I commend my Spirit.
All the video footage the network TV shows, is mostly from Monday night, the Santa Paula start of the fire. They under report and I've caught them in countless lies and disinformation. Be warned.
Official fire map. Where is the Moorpark SImi devestation and the wall of fire that came from Lake Casitas through Summerland? Those fires are still out of control and should be RIGHT NOW red areas. I guess they have their reasons for keeping the map a LIE.

Fire Fighters get free meals everywhere they go...the rest of us, we get fluoridated bottled water dumped off on the corner, if that. You'd think with the millions the RED CROSS is raking in on the Thomas Fire, they could do a little more for us.  Guess not. We lose our homes and community, the yellow suit fire guys get triple time, plus combat pay, plus extra bonuses for herding prison labor around and putting out embers from fires mostly finished in an area, from what we've seen. To be fair, I've also seen yellow suits throwing down big time on fires, especially when news crews and journalists-so called-are around. The red suits get nothing--Shit meals, fluoridated water bottles, and yellow suits keeping an eye on them. Doesn't seem equitable or fair, does it? Because it isn't. Residents are on their own, other than the kindness of strangers. When you talk to the law or yellow suits, they talk down to you, unless you flash the badge, than you are treated like an old buddy. I've seen it, so...

Thomas fire, from Nordhoff ridge, just after the firestorm passed through last night

Weather balloon sat pics, and always a few days old, though this is "official" Saturday morning release
You'd think, after a solid week of this, it would over by now. But no. The smoke today is getting denser, the fires are raging to the west and north, out of control. And all of us are just burned out by this whole thing. A nice lady gave me a hospital mask yesterday, for being out and about. Was near a ridge that was burning on the 33 highway and fire trucks were leaving. the whole area was wiped out. Sorry no pics, too smoky and night.
choking on the smoke. Where is Santa Barbara and Carpenteria in all this?
Yesterday afternoon, we drove through the burn areas in the west around Lake Casitas to the 150 highway. Everything was dead out, thanks to the helos they deployed Thursday night. Now, this morning, that entire line is on fire again, as we posted Thursday night, this morning. How is that possible? There are no current burns in that area, because the fire has moved deep into the Los Padres, over the mountains tot the north, and into Santa Barbara, 30 miles to the west. Now, the wall of fire, a few miles away to the west is back with a vengeance. 2 hours ago, nothing. Now, a wall of fire. These people ARE STARTING THE FIRES. Here is your proof.

The fire helos back at it. When the FF machine is turned on with a purpose, they knock these fires down FAST. And well done. But, when the order is stand down, entire counties are scorched earth. Way it is, when Agenda 21 is the bible of your ops.

Have chopper, will stop fire

visibility and air quality the worst ever. My throat is as raw as can be. But honey, tea, and bandannas keep things in check

A new burn, 2pm 12-9-17, that wasn't there an hour ago, and was put out, in that area, 2 days ago. And all along a five mile front. 20 miles from the current firestorm. Someone is playing with flame throwers. I have the footage.

Thank you Catherine, for your kindness. The rescues and field work continue. Adrenalin like candy daily, while in the mix of things. But, this research and truth won't come by itself. If any of you have something which will give the truth of things on this, send it on or send the link. I'll use it.

Saturday, 3PM, 12-9-17

So, Nathan and I go do a rekky (recon) down creek road, the entire length and breadth of Ojai, and River bottom. As we were heading eastward, it was smoky but no fires to be seen. An hour later, as the sun was setting,we back tracked on the very same route and the entire place was ablaze. Sulfur mountain-which burned down both sides on Tuesday, was complete ablaze, wherever there was an ACCESS ROAD, AND NEAR THOSE HOUSES THAT DIDN'T BURN THE FIRST TIME ON TUESDAY. Nordhoff range, which completely burnt down on wednesday and Thursday, then headed north, SAME THING. Finally, in the west, the entire range from Meiner's oaks to the coast range was again, ablaze on ground that had ALREADY SEEN A FIRESTORM COME THROUGH, A FEW DAYS AGO.

Wow. Remember the video of the yellow suit guys starting fires? Right.

So, I mention this at the gas station, and right off, network assets immediately cover for the operation with "oh, its just back burn." Back burn to what? The fire already swept through those mountains and had moved along, miles and miles away to burn down new areas four days ago. I told her that, and she just stared at me with hate. Then every other person at the station repeated what she said. Again, I told them. "I just drove up and down the 150 highway in Ojai valley, all the fires STARTED AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, AS IF ON CUE." Then you get that hate filled stupid look. The satanists going along, to control the narrative.

"I have video and picture proof of this happening. You know. YOu people can lie all you want, but I'm going to expose you."  This blog post is that exposure. I've not found anyone else doing this in realtime. Sure, later, someone will blather about it. But for now, its just us.

Then we drove by this place called camp comfort, filled with hundreds of yellow suits and their fire trucks, having a bbQ while this is going on and drinking beer.

I rest my case.

Here is the proof.

heading out, eastward, along Ojai Ave...a single smoke plume, but not line of flames. Makes sense, the whole range went up in smoke on Tuesday, from end to end.

Heading back, westerly on Ojai Ave, and tada! A line of fires appear all at once, the entire length of the mountain to the south of the valley. All in the same five minutes. This is where houses stand that survived the the Tuesday horror show of destruction. Any sign of fire trucks, or sirens? Not a single one, nothing. Sorry for the spirit beam, these things show up in my pics alot, I usually throw them away, but, need the shot.

More of the same line. Again, only those places that didn't burn and in which a few surviving homes are...or Sorry for the spirit beam, these things show up in my pics alot, I usually throw them away, but, need the shot. They're more than harmless, they serve YHVH as messengers.

Footage of just one small part of that line of fires, dozens of them that spread over miles, that all started at once.

Just think, five minutes before no flames, no smoke, just a burned out mountain silent as a grave, as it has been since Tuesday.

It's all happening so fast, very fast. No time to get out. The flame throwers are working overtime on this arson work, and from fire roads that take them near surviving structures
Same story in the west, as we head south down Highway 33, a line of fires that weren't there when we headed north an hour before.

More along the same line in the west

And the same, more of the advancing line of death to the houses you see in the foreground. In the distance, are small ranches that survived thursday, as we saw on Yesterday's rekky. Now, up in smoke they go, all at once. Just a coincidence I'm sure.

again, the line to the west continues as more fire starts start up one after another as the fire crews creep southward along fire roads along surviving homes.
creek road, mentioned days ago. oh well

more creek road.

Mandatory Evacuations Santa Barbara County: 
  • The area of Highway 192 on the south,
  • Highway 150 on the east (county line), 
  • Casitas Pass Road to the west and extending north to East Camino Cielo at Hwy 154

As can be seen in above video, the fire from the west, is AGAIN, a mere 1 mile away from us, two days later, even though yesterday afternoon, it was already out from the ocean to Wheeler springs, by burning the area to the ground. As reported from other recorded fires from sunset on, this area too is now alive with fire, even though the nearest fire in the west, IS OVER 20 MILES AWAY. did a 12 mile stretch of fire line appear out of nowhere, as it has done everywhere in the valley. It's like reliving Tuesday through Thursday, but time wise, a great deal more condensed.



This is a common feature of this fire, as seen elsewhere...whenever the fire of any of these SoCal fires starts eating into communities, they cut the power, making evacuation with goods and possessions nigh impossible for residents. Bastardos.

The hills above Summerland and Carp, 1an Sunday

Current fire map. Not much left of Ojai, Oak View, Casitas Springs, Miramonte, Upper Ojai. We are in a ring of death. Sunday morning 2am

The fire half mile away in the west. You can feel the heat.
Fire at Lake Casitas, where a D.U.M.B. IS LOCATED IN THE SOUTH OF THE LAKE.

All hotels, motels, etc, are fully booked in a 200 mile radius. All these evacuees had to go somewhere. Was a time you could just camp out in a national forest, but that's a felony now, thanks to Agenda 21. And if you have a campfire, the fines and jail time are severe, as a forest service lesbian told me a few years ago. They don't want us being able to go off grid, even for a day, except in designated, surveilled, watched over, sites, that allow for very few people. The satanists call it, get this, destruction of infrastructure, to camp there. Tell that to the Native Americans. I guess the shites did, because they kept them off the plains and stuck them in shiteholes called reservations, to wither and die.

Everything in red is allegedly fire...not so, all of Ojai Valley is burning again. The little area in the middle has been arsoned again by the fire bastards. Once again, we find ourselves in the middle of the furnace. As was stated earlier, most maps put out by the network are lies to deceive.
What? To start more fires and do nothing but drive around getting free meals? I know these guys work hard, but I've read the pay scale they get for this work. It blows the mind. Must be nice to have a union that dictates to the county and state, ITS OWN TERMS. And it doesn't help when you have women badge bunnies who fawn over them like they are the 2nd coming. You can't become a cop or firemen without being in the satanic network, in our time.
Sunday Morning, after sunrise 12-10-17
Carpenteria and santa barabara get wasted

Smoking ruins, as the firestorm heads north into Montecito

Upper Carpenteria...gone

Shepherd Mesa, Carp

another home on the 192 early hours today
MANDATORY EVAC ORDERS FOR MONTECITO, SUMMERLAND, AND CARPENTERIA. A get out now thing, because the fire beast is coming unstopped.
A view of the fire in Ojai/Santa Barbara, 20 miles away in Oxnard

Sunday morning...surrounded...see how it goes today

Scorched Earth on Sulphur Mt looking to the West. SB and Los Padres, going up in smoke
Near sunrise, the fire storm shifted away from us. Los Padres and SB firestorms
Carp fire map sunrise 12-10
Evac orders from the very agencies that took our forests away from us in service to Agenda 21
The city of Carpenteria, between Ojai and Santa Barbara, is officially wasted. But what the hell, there was only 40,000 people living there who called it home. It was the only city that the poor and lower middle class, could afford on the CALI coast. Made up of houses and small farms  and local produce, they let the place burn. go ahead, thank a fireman today. Be a badge bunny...a smuck. Better yet, stand on a very busy street corner with a sign, thanking them for their sacrifice in stopping the fire-make sure everyone sees you and absorbs the network programming. What is putting out these fires-when they decide to stop it-are the helo pilots and planes. On the ground, its mainly PRISON LABOR. It's what we see, day after day. I want a BBQ at Camp comfort. Where is my BBQ? Where is my 300 an hour pay? Plus FREE FOOD AND LODGINGS, PAID FOR BY OUR TAXES...


Hotels that do have ANY vacancies are reserved for Fire Starters. For the victims, its go F yourself. All the lodging in this valley and in Ventura and SB counties-the parking lots are FILLED with firetrucks and yellow suits. Hardly any civilians. We're not allowed. We must drive to counties far and away for lodging and then, WHO CAN AFFORD WHAT THESE OPPORTUNISTS ARE CHARGING? IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAVE SOME GOFUNDME DEAL IN PLAY, LIKE THE GRAFTERS DO.

CREEK ROAD HAS BEEN FIRED AGAIN. I drove the length of it, yesterday afternoon. Dead out, burned to a cinder, though many small farms, ranches, and homes made it. Now, to the east from here huge fire plumes and smoke. I guess they weren't done with their death map. Gotta finish, while the plausible deniability is still somewhat in play.
Creek Road...again...and again. Maybe they get the remaining houses this time. Camp comfort is on creek rd, bet the yellow suits were out a long time ago. I'd give good money for a decent drone right now.
At 9AM, on the dot, the wind shifted from east to west and is about 45MPH. That should push all the new fire starts planned for today rather quickly to do their job of destruction.

I realize I sound persnickety...This is 7 days of watching this whole death show in play coming out. Days of do nothing, Occasional swing into action. And so on.

On Tuesday, we saw to Fire Engines, drive in circles around Meiner's Oaks. we know because we were there, stuck on a street corner. Down El Roblar, left of Loma, Left again two blocks away, Back up again a few blocks to the east, and voila!, here are the two trucks again. They just kept doing these loops for at least the hour we watched it. All for the benefit of the fleeing residents, to put out the impression they were ON IT, GOING INTO ACTION. But on Tuesday, the worst day of it for many sections of Ojai Valley, no one, including me, saw any of these guys on the fire lines. They were nowhere to be seen. Understand?

I have witnesses to this, because there were two other people with me who will so testify to this looping in public, making already terrible traffic jams even worse with their little theatrical productions.


A good rainstorm would put an end to this evil. But, by now, it wouldn't matter. They've done so much destruction. At least so many of these satanic death houses went too, so there's that.

Was dead out this am, now a raging fire...again. The same old pattern.

Was dead out this am, now a raging fire...again. The same old pattern.

Was dead out this am, now a raging fire...again. The same old pattern.

Was dead out this am, now a raging fire...again. The same old pattern. The only part of the lake that didn't burn was where the DUMB is located at the govt controlled, and heavily guarded botanical thingy. So many cameras, fences, and microwave antennas just for a Huge building-the public has no access to.

They closed the trap...Ojai is on its way to finish. Well, I guess when 75% of the valley practices witchcraft, these things can happen. These are the people who get the living wage jobs, get hired into good paying govt positions, own businesses that always do well (because their biz are on the approved list, unlike us). Upper Ojai, burned to the ground and for 7 days, they won't let people in. Only fire dudes, recovery teams for wealth and weapons, but no regular people.

Mandatory evacuation extended: North of East Valley / 192, South of E. Camino Cielo, East of Hot Springs Rd, West of Ladera Ln

NEW MANDATORY EVACUATIONS in : East of Hot Springs Road, North of Highway 192, South of E. Camino Cielo, West of Ladera Lane.

Summerland burn damage at the beach, the north, above the top yellow line, isn't shown.
Get out of dodge northern SB

They started the fires and now those homes in the hills, away from grid houses are gone, as per Agenda 21. Go ahead, keep being a stooge for the satanic network. You will end up in shite hole mega cities with the rest of us, along with all the gangster, illiterate hate-filled criminals who will have their way with you and your daughter as they please. And you let it happen, because you are too afraid to speak the truth and's so much better to virtue signal to the other leftist idiots. Go ahead and do all that groveling "thank a fire starter" so that others can see you do it. That's what narcissists do...draw attention to themselves, because like Lucifer, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.

Thomas fire today from Encino, 90 miles away

Thomas fire from Thousand oaks, 75 miles away

Mondos beach, my favorite surfing place.Now a smoldering wasteland
UPPER OJAI 12-10-17
The first pictures and footage(eventually) coming out of UPPER OJAI, which has been blocked by police on both ends since Monday night 12-5-17. The fire started in Upper Ojai, a few miles south east at devil's hole. The only area of the THOMAS FIRE that has been sealed off. There are many reports of missing families and people and of complete devastation. Hopefully, there will be more to come, once the Fire asset crews are done seizing weapons and wealth from the ruins of the homes up there, as is being reported by those residents who are hiking in around the road blocks. I have personally witnessed this "wealth grab" before, two years ago, when a dear friend died in a house fire and the three safes were opened by the fire department, emptied, and all her jewelry cases emptied. Once they were done-three days later-the heirs were allowed on the property. And the wealth? Gone forever, lies about finding nothing told to their faces when they knew better, etc.

Yeah...go ahead and make a sign and stand on a street corner, doing that whole sycophant THANK YOU FOR  YOUR SERVICE MISTER FIRE IDGIT  bit with tears in your eyes. Your kind can cry on command, right? That's what you do, network assets or fools, one or the other. Or the third kind of soul, that gets to the truth of things and is disgusted.
It begins...sunrise Tuesday morning from the arcade, downtown Ojai

One of almost all the structures in Upper Ojai, completely wasted. Whole families are missing and parts of families. Evacuees are not allowed to return, the only part of the Thomas Fire where the area is locked down, except for cops and fire starters.

Yet another of many vaporized homes, along with their families

Fire Engines appear, after the fire is over. During the fire, film footage and pics SHOW NOT A SINGLE ENGINE OR FIRE STARTER in the area.

Yet another house going up in flames, and no help from the fire starters. I guess the were busy Tuesday morning. It was here, in upper Ojai, that the fire started once gotten after Aquinas Devil's hole wet up in smoke.

Upper Ojai Destruction map. Locals that hiked in say it is woefully in error...there is NO UPPER OJAI. Just ashes and companies going through the remains...looking for things. And then keeping them.
Largest parcel, completely destroyed and gone through by Fire Dept asset recovery teams, as we've witnessed.

Monday Morning, after sunrise 12-11-17
Happy Birthday, son Nick...

Some businesses are starting to open again in Ojai, now that the bulk of the fire wall has moved into Santa Barbara county, poor souls. Free food and such for the fire guys...

FOr the rest of us...hey...shut up.

This overview map provided by Calfire shows how the wildfire grew between Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Black line shows controlled fire line, red line show active fire conditions. More maps here
Map is woefully much of the coastal damage is missing from it, including the removal of Carp, Summerland, Montecito...
Red is burning NOW...other colors are burns that came and went...this map too is missing a great deal, we have personally witnessed
Upper Valley School...a private high school located in East End Ojai, completely destroyed save for a few buildings. I guess classes are cancelled.

It's planes and helos that are putting out this thing. Really. The fire crew guys just try and control the edge, when they do such things, but when a fire line gets knocked down, THANK THE PILOTS who fly really radical and dangerous missions to get their retardants on site.

We will know today if we are finally-this family-out of danger. Every night and day we see the wall of flames, come from nowhere and just...out...there... Thank you for your prayers and also, your assistance. we are all, very grateful.

Fire map this am, 12-11-17  Notice the odd red dots on the far left in Montecito, miles away from the fire. Remember the video of fire guys starting fires in Montecito? You getting it now?

I can still see firestorms to our west 530am Monday. That whole area is-was filled with mountain homes and orchard ranches. The real damage will come after this when the forest service and EPA come in and start declaring this and that, forcing survivors out. As they have done so many other times in so many other states. Lucky you, your house survived. Now get out, this is forest land now, bla bla.

Firestorm to our west, above the lake

This whole mess is only 10% contained, they say, and have said, for 8 straight days.

No one and I mean NO ONE, is talking about how all FOUR ISLANDS out in the ocean, all burned down, when the nearest one is 20 miles away. No helo footage, no boat shots, not a single mention, but only on burn maps, yeah, they're toast. Why is that? Who went from island to island and fired them. People live on them, people someone I know, knows them. How did they get away from the flames? Did they get away? Really, not a word from anyone about this. The fact they were ALL FIRED is a big TELL about who and what is behind this whole mess and the word is out among the satanic network...don't go there...say nothing. Well, I'm saying something.

A yellow suit, throwing some water on a fired apartment building...long after the fire has swept through. Yeah, that's what we keep seeing. Red suits on fire lines, yellow suits dousing the embers.
Yellow suits starting fires...look at their backpacks, that is flame-thrower equipment. They are far away from any fire line, no smoke, no wall of flames. But ZING a brand new blaze.
A lady to the fire starters, writes from Fillmore...Quote PLEASE STOP TERRORIZING US, PLEASE End quote
Fire guys starting new burns, goodbye Montecito and Summerland
Highway 192, 5 minutes after fire starters did their thing in Montecito
Unbelievably, people - network assets - are posting all over twitter and FB, that this fire was because of climate change and global warming. You sure about that? It's not those guys with the small and large flame throwers, like the pictures reveal? I'm going with hard evidence - not BS satanic, Agenda 21, came from monkeys science you shove down our throats. We know better. May our Father turn His face against you, and find you wanting in the balance. Amen.

You monkey men...who project the satanic meme...who hate the Father and the won't mind a bit, given what you spout, if I pray AGAINST YOUR KIND? You know, seed of Satan...what's that? Cmon, remember...the Holy way and truth of earth is fiction, that's what you tell everyone. Or course you shouldn't mind. Like when the satanist witches come stay in the safe house next door, surely they won't mind something as silly PRAYER, one way or the other, given what you say in public. But of course, you worship satan, he is real, but not Dad. You can't have one without the other, something you know better than anyone else. Please, send your demons after me, as you do so very much. You remember what happened to them, don't you? Cut off from you, sent to the dry places, unable to make contact - ever again - with this dimension and your kind. That's the power of Yahuah and Yeshua... I stand with the Father AND the Son. Forever and for all time, as I always have. It's an old relationship. YOu can burn down cities, but we can burn down your demonic realities. Pick one.

This is for all of our Father's elect, put on the whole armor of Yahua, the Torah.
As per Matthew 24, that which I bind on Earth, will be bound in Heaven.
Yahua bene Elohim...I ask and pray on the name and blood of Yeshua that all enemies of you, Yeshua, and ourselves, your sons of Yahua, be protected from all attacks, both human and demonic. That you send them to the dry places, cut the cords between them and the dark principalities in High places, and banish them to Sheol. Return to all those who cast spells, serve darkness, practice deception, and otherwise engage in all manner of wickedness against us here this day and all days.  return to them 100 fold and manner of making, curses, spells, and craft sent against us. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, which as commanded whence so asked, will be honored. Thank you in abundance for your protection and blessings. Amen.

Official burn map...notice the burns on far left, miles away from fire. These are fire starter guys, lighting up SB. Nice...

Carpenteria High School and the fire heading toward it

Fillmore monday morning and here comes death

More Fillmore, the wall of doom oncoming

quite a show from above. they say the smoke plumes go out 1000 miles over the Pacific

Look at the new, far from the fire line burn startups. Right in highly congested zones of homes in the hills. I know, tell me all about global warming again, I need to laugh.

Fire...everywhere...and fresh new burns in areas already wiped out.

Satanists put broken cross plus rock stacking, both satanic hexes in path of oncoming fire. See what I mean?

Ten bucks says this area burns down'll see. They have to telegraph their intentions before they do the thing, law of Earth

Projected burn area today and it will be. I know people in there...hopefully, they are listening.

The hills above Carp. farms everywhere, and then nothing.

60% of Los Angeles has had its power turned off, this just in. Wow. This is all about keeping up the fear quotient, which the demonic feed from. That's it. Monsters.

Cross in the clouds...this fire is coming to an end

And the cross stays...regardless of direction this morning. So okay, this mess will stop
right in the middle of SB and Montecito...thanks alot fellas
Carpenteria, from Linden ave looking to the hills, last night.
House in Carp, two miles from fireline, burning...why?
New Burns in Ojai...again...where the fires passed through days ago. Give it a rest guys, really.

Fires eating into Carp

Firest eating into Fillmore

Not him, the fire came up, then turned back

Montecito monday morning, up in flames

Montecito house on evr, finish.
satanists, bragging "Damn, don't we look good!" No kidding... oh complete with satanic hand signs and a GOFUNDME setup. They don't even live here. Look in her eyes...see suffering and ruin? No, just a demonic gleem of a scam. Father, I pray thee, turn your face against these monsters who feed on pain and suffering, and weigh them in the balance. Romove your hand of blessing from their lives, and let judgement come upon them. Amen

Downton SB, smoky like we have had for 8 straight days...the flames are coming SB, the flames are coming.
Fillmore town, burning

Fire starter in SB getting the thing going
Brown or black lines, it's all burn areas.

Most accurate map I've found yet and Thomas fire is still growing west, east, north. It would go south, but hey, that's the ocean. It did burn down some islands the first day 20 miles away. Still waiting for the devils to explain that one, tho I expect it will be "floating" embers. Sure. 20 miles. Over water.

Carp and Summerland last night, Sunday 12-10-17

Farms burning today CARP, and no fire crews to stop it. Just like in Ojai.

Rincon from a few days ago

Lots of chemtrails, seen through the haze. I guess the death spray goes on, regardless of what the ground devils are doing. OMEGA SQUADRON DOES THE SPRAYING OUT OF NAVAL BASE IN OXNARD

Red dots are fire

Fire map as of this morning, including arson burns on extreme left by the fire starters in yellow suits, as many have witnessed and photographed. Good by Mission Hills and Monte

Carp last night being burned

Ojai, northwest of lake still. All night and morning, the range of mtns were still burning with new flareups appearing everywhere.

Rock stacking is actually witch hexing. It's in grimoires, book of shadows. What they do is tie demons to the rocks and it hexes the locale. They love doing this by roads, beaches, etc. We've had to destroy hundreds and hundreds of such demonic devices, especially now that the satanists have convinced everyone this is an "art form." It is not. There are even stores now and online that sell them. Do not allow them into your are inviting demonic spirits into your world. A very bad thing.

SB from Stearns Wharf 12-11-17
Carpenteria homes in flames

Carp homes and no fire engines trying to stop it

Wee hours last night, sunday, as fire wall hits Carp

House on hwy 192

Such is life...Carp

This tree on creek road was burning from the inside says witness

Sunset Day 8 12-11-17

Upper Ojai devastation

On the ridge to the west of our house, still burning still choking smoke

First sunset we've been able to see in 8 days...kind of

Mountains to our northwest...all grey and ash covered
Sun goes away as wall of fire heads, our direction again

Fillmore and homes and fire...not a good mix

The firestorm from our back deck, after sunset...It's like this every night after sunset. C'mon guys, give it a rest with the flame throwers...really.

Carpenteria at sunset, nothing stopping the flames.
Fillmore fire in the mountains, odd they don't show the city burn

Summerland, Montecito fire, but it should be down below 192, much is missing
5 AM to our west, the firestorm that won't go away 9 days

I"d appreciate it, pesonally

Well, who needs houses to live in with families anyway...we can always raise our kids in our cars...its the latest trend for honkeys-we don't get a sanctuary city.

Carpenteria and Summerland and Monte...I's hell to have a firestorm in your neighborhood.

12-12-17 active burn area, raging fires. the cross is our home, the firestorm less than 2 miles away, as it always is every night. The yellow area is old burn. It's actually an enormous burn ongoing. And, for some odd reason, in many places, all over, it's starting up again. Not enough dead people or property damage.
I notice they don't show the burned down islands anymore, which SHOULD look like the burn areas mainland. AND NOTHING about the islands in any MSM's the BIG SILENCES. You won't believe this, or maybe you will, it's all about Ellen Degenerate's house MIGHT be in danger. Like we give a flying F about a nasty dyke's 10 million dollar, 4th house she rarely lives in.
More accurate map 12-12, everything yellow and red is FIRE.All the country setting communities, homes, farms, ranches, etc are gone and so is that kind of life. NO more on the well, off-grid life, No more gang free living. No more quiet streets and lanes and highways you can walk down day or night and not be molested, except by the police. The network is with the program, because they are a death cult in love with destruction.
Fire, looking south, from Stearn's Wharf. Montecito and Summerland...poof

Orange areas are where the fire is GOING TO GO, as usual. If you live in Carp (too late), Monetecito, or Mission district of SB, GET OUT. Anywhere north of the 101 Highway in Goleta, GET OUT.
Fillmore, 12-12-17, before sunrise. They have infrared cams all over these mountains watching everything. There is no real privacy. And, an example of this, is this shot. The line of lights is hwy 126, the big lowland large glows are burning neighborhoods. The big glows going up, are in the hills above town. It really was an old timey, NO GENTRIFYING, small town. THe buildings and city streets are all from around WW1 era, the houses from after WW2. Big destination for bikers to zoom through on weekends and pretend like bad-asses, but mainly, christian families, and no freakish LGBTFKO oddities walking about, like Ojai has become, since the covens took it over.
remains of Fillmore at the railroad museum

Ortega Rd Monte looking south east

The fire storm reachs Monte area of SB

Summerland as the flames sweep into area
It's unbelievable how many programmed stooges are out doing the THIS IS CLIMATE CHANGE, CLIMATE CHANGE STARTED THIS FIRE. See what we are dealing with? Complete satanic shills. That's what it has come to in the West, satanic buffoons spouting the most RETARDED TRIPE ever. I've seen autistics make more sense then these narcissistic Witches. And they've all been to college, to get their satanic approved programming. And they make noise everywhere, putting up signs on street corners in town, you name it. The seed of lucifer, their head dookey boy. Even he knows how bad they are making him look. When the fifth angels sounds the shofar, these nasty skanks will finally understand what justice is. That can't happen soon enough for me.

The spawn of satan with an education in stupid tard studies
Clouds of death, chemtrails, regardless of fires. Where are the SJW tards on this? Silence. Light up a cigarette and it is a full whiteout of barium/strontium death, its all smiles.

Agenda 21...understand? Wait till after the fires, when the federal, state, and county fascist machinery kicks into gear and tears a tragedy into a nightmare of Dante like proportions.

And these SJW freaks picked Lilith as their spiritual leader to pray to. An entity which demands blood sacrifice, child murder, and death daily. The smell is terrible, when this entity is around, like it is with the dykes.
The trail from Gridley rd to Nordhoff ridge, Ojai. Hiked it many times. Very dense forest, very steep. Houses to the right and left at first, then national "we own it now, get out citizen or else" BLM LGBTFKO with badges and guns.

Top of Nordhoff view. The view from here is fantastic, too bad he didn't post that shot. Visibility 60 miles. Complete devastation. We watched this whole range burn for days and days. When the rains come, the mud slides are going to be off the charts. Which they will blame on Global Warming, Lack of Diversity, and Trump being President. For real, I've actually read that nonsense in the comments section of LA Times and other places, and the various satanic outlets for stunted thinking.
Highway 33, Ojai...they kicked out the homeowners back in 2005 with some habitat rule using the Ventura County Code as a weapon. The videos are on my blog, check it out. There were 2 public campsites left out of 26, after they were done evicting EVERYONE in Lockwood Valley. Now, those are gone too, you are looking at the burning remains of that area ala Rose Valley. How convenient for them this happened. Last remaining houses and campsites now gone. And Wheeler Springs? Famous for over 100 years for their natural hot springs - I even used them. But, they did an EPA habitat rule thingy and shut the whole thing down. This is all about Agenda 21...keep people land-locked in the dense urban areas, where crime, death, rape, and theft are the daily norm. Ask anyone who lives in Detroit and cities like that. The fires are all about getting you out of the country, with deadly force. They armed the Forest Service some years ago, and I ran into a few of these egoist monsters.  They are some of the most cruel and vicious human souls I've ever run across. Years ago, forestry people were always helpful, knew alot, and were happy to have you. Now, it's all like - you being here is a bother, go away.

What's even worse than these fires, is that they tore down a few flood control dams built 100 years ago, abouts, and now, there is no way to stop any flooding from what will certainly be complete unhindered and unstoppable water flows, now that all the vegetation in 30 miles in every direction is gone. We received 58 inches of rain last year. I know, because I have a rain gauge and that was the total from October through February. And in Feb, we had massive rain storms, they created, and which was documented on this site and others. 

What will it be like this year, with the trees and vegetation gone? It doesn't take a genius to see how this is actually a ONE TWO PUNCH for all these cities, who reside BELOW the mountains. No flood control, no vegetation, and the rainy season due any week now.

But oh was important to destroy those dams to protect a frog and a fish species that ISN'T NATIVE TO THIS AREA AND NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN HERE. Speak against it, and you are labeled every bad name in the book for not loving animals. What a scam and game plan.

These DEW Drones are actually real.

Even my own pics has blue light shots and beams in them and I don't mean the presence of angelic spirit

Some say smart meters

12-12-17 afternoon burn map. The smoke here,as the fires are just across the lake, are choking thick.

A great many cancer cases are going to come out of this fire. Everywhere you go, even with a mask, it smells like plastic and chemicals, not wood and such.

SB gets tankers right away, Ojai had to wait 5 days before we got tankers and helos...why?

Used to have a view...not any more...oh well
Upper Ojai

The fire is actually bigger than ever, and the smoke density is so thick you can't see down any street. The FF are starting new burns, which they admit to doing, all over the ridges to the west, north, and east, thank you very much.
SUNSET 12-12-17

We love choking smoke...More smoke in socal in a SINGLE DAY than all the cigarette smoking of the last 25 years, the entire country combined. So the next time I hear someone do that fake coughing virtue signal whenever someone around has a cig, I'm afraid they'll have to be remonstrated.

My New name is Captain Smokey
I live in a box
awaiting the flames
to take the whole lot
It's here we will stay, 
flames and all,
until that time comes
when the fire has gone.

Thomas fire 200 miles away


This from Twitter:
25m25 minutes ago

So sad! Another neighbor's home burst into flames tonight when power was restored. Lost everything. Texted their niece and she got a hold of them--they were eating dinner in town. 😥 Now only 2 other houses survived in our neighborhood.

Smart meter boxes?

Typical Carp house after fire
Opportunists are using the fire and people trying to get information to PROMOTE THEIR NEW RECORD OR MOVIE. When you see such practices, be sure to boycott their product or thing. THey are bottom feeders, sucking the blood off the destroyed, doomed, and dead.

No Fire Pics tonight, the smoke is too dense. Sorry all.

Everywhere we go...this. Shepherd Mesa, Carp. It's like walking through a post nuclear landscape. People getting on the best they can. People never affected. People who have lost it all. People a heartbeat away from losing it all (us, actually). People out on street corners drawing attention to themselves with NO dignity. And just plain people.
You go down one street, everything is fine. Make a turn and it's all smoldering ashes and destruction and weeping women being comforted by their men. It's true, not a sexist thing, a LOVE THING. You get it. If you don't, wow...

I'm most ashamed of the network slugs trying to make a buck or cash in on the LOOK AT ME deal I see everywhere. How do these people sleep at night, when so many of us have had to spend the last 9 days rescuing animals, people, cleaning up destruction, you name it. As I've had to, every day. In addition, I've had the honor of reporting on this thing, being in the middle of it as it were. We are waiting for know what IT is...because we live in a forest section that so far, the flames have not touched. If it goes, it will go up like a bomb. So I stay up around the clock, catching the odd nap, while others do what they do. Not bragging or anything, just how it has been. I'm loathe to mention all this, but so you truth seekers can understand how this windy and long post continues to be. It helps keep me awake. I fell asleep two nights ago, in the chair and got a good 6 hours, sitting up. Sometimes, the body just has its way.

Anyways, I do get your good wishes and prayers. I can feel them. That rush of loving kindness...from the fragile to the Tsunami wave. For me, it's not just words, but pure energy gratefully received. And I THANK YOU.

DB on sunboard, taking a wave in. Better times

I've tried to find pics or footage of the channel islands - Anacapa etc - but can find nothing. They list the islands, all four of them, as toast, but no information. I mean nothing. If any of you come across something real, please forward. This blog is for the truth of things, and to help those who otherwise are fed a steady diet of nonsense about this celebrities house being in danger or narcissist human interest drivel by camera whores, you know the kind - in love with themselves. That is about as useful as last weeks cat poop.

Romero cyn Santa Barbara or SB as we say

Fire map of SB from this morning

Romero Cyn, the link between city and country

Summerland tonight...houses on 192 go bye bye

Thomas fire, SB tanker - Ojai didn't get fire tankers, we got burned. If they would have sent us these on Tuesday, 90% of the damage we now have to heal from would not have happened. And it's not like they were in use somewhere else. These super tankers didn't go into use until 12-11-17. So, why let Ventura burn as they did? No tankers, no helos, only prison crews on fire lines with shovels. I know this because I have been in the center of it from minute one, so don't come at me with that NWO shill BS. It's why I don't allow commenting on blog, articles or videos. Who needs agency poisoning of the truth. Keep the truth pure, comments don't do anything anyways to the lesson in hand. It's the truth of things that count, not whether the shills approve your lies so you can sell BS. TRUTH STANDS ON ITS OWN. And the devils know that better than anyone.

This witch is going around "entertaining" the children...about being lesbian and magical-teaching witchcraft. In short, she's a network promoted witch. Of course she is. Because the kids are traumatized by the fires, the cover story goes, so here comes the lesbian fairy princess to make it all better. I'm going to be sick. I'm OFFENDED - that's the new buzz word, right? - that she isn't an IT, complete with donkey trans-species marriage and "she" having a 3 day growth of beard. That's the new normal, right?

Latest official map of doom. Two entire counties, both counties, gone.

Santa Barbara burns tonight, as are most other areas in the two counties. All their smoke is in our faces. Had to replace the house filter, it was black with soot. Guy at hardware store says they sell out every day.

SB from the community college
Belle Vist Dr SB
State street SB


Summerland Evac Map
Belle Vista Dr, Montecito - MONTE

This guy used to have a collection of collectible cars
Carp hwy 192

House on EVR Monte
Latest road closures - stay out or get out

waning moon
Current burn map Monte SB 12-13 AM
Sunrise 13-13-12 
Captain Smokey reporting again...and having lost his mind. Bahahahaha!

Not much to see from here. Complete smoke out from the fires. Visibility 500 feet. Everything, and for two weeks, covered in ash. Wash it off, and in ten minutes car is covered again.  Mainly the focus has shifted to SB and friends there who are losing their homes and their minds.

It amazes that the NWO Illuminatus structure continues, in every way possible since Katrina, to do what they can to hurt, harm, and destroy this country. Our wipe-out is just one in a long line of very bad things that have happened, that research has proven out to have THEIR HAND in the creation thereof. And then the delaying tactics until whatever DEATH MAP they are working from is completed, then they tie the thing off. It's obvious here.

First five days, no planes or helos. After that, no planes, but at least we got the helos. Now that they are near to tying the thing off, planes, helos, you name is in the mix to knock the thing down. Like that.

Moms old home, for Al. EVR burning in distance. Moms died in a house fire two years ago. We all miss her. And here we are again.
No rain for Cali for the next week. See what I mean by engineering things to a death map?
Latest map 12-13-14 8am Thomas fire
Of course, there are new burns in old burn areas all over again today. I can see the smoke spires through the haze of the thing. I bet Ojai thought this was over. Right. It's never over until the satanic quotient has been reached.

Also, what's up with all these women taking selfies along with retarded pithy "look at me" bla bla all over EVERYWHERE. They are mostly young, under 30, like that. Is it always ALL ABOUT YOU? Do you think men find that kind of egoism and narcissism attractive? Because we don't. It makes you ugly. Very ugly. And we shake our heads and many of us see you at pathetic creatures Lost in Space. The space between your ears. You are the same breed that virtue signals every chance you get. Startards is your favorite daily be seen place, along with whatever lesbian-mostly women-hangout spot in your town, wherever that is. It is places us men avoid and we won't take you there or take you seriously. We consider you damaged goods. I know this because my sons keep me informed of all things under 25. It's why every single one of my sons DOES NOT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. They find most of the women their age, unworthy of attention. Who wants to spend a day indulging in ME ME ME binging and virtue signaling all the live long day? Not my boys. And yet, here you are. All over this fire thing, as others try to post relevant info about the fire, with your camera at your face, always at your face, never off your face, with the little stick you carry around so you can talk at it with YOUR FACE always in frame.

We find you ugly. Very much so. It's why young guys won't marry your kind. EVER.

I bet you can't even hear this truth, this message that should reach you and be the first step in turning your life around.

Santana Winds - NOT Santa Ana - winds are coming back today, word is. This should be fun. They picked, or engineered things just right. Wind when the fire needs a push, rain not available, and Fire Tankers and Helos not around while thousands of acres burn. That's how you do it.

Of course the Omega squadron is always flying, keeping those chemtrails high up above us, to drown our lungs and blood with barium and strontium so the cancer levels stay as high as ever.
Whatever this is...

Fresh new burns on hwy 33
Montecito getting wasted

Summerland on 192 hwy

More Monte

 A new feature...the military, even though we don't have any looting going on or such. It's all about conditioning, getting our minds right to accept this as the new normal.

Seeing lots of Yellow Suits kicking serious fire butt in the more affluent areas and all over now. Getting the "sense" that they want it out now. Genie out of the bottle, sometimes you don't get what you want.

Montecito..easy come, easy go

RIncon Beach

SUNSET 12-13-17

The fires are starting up again, sad to say, all over Ventura. Apparently we haven't received enough punishment for our collective sins, as determined by the satanic network, who is behind this whole mess. Lots of helos and planes now, all hammering SB, trying to control their own mess. But nothing here. Wish these guys would have been given permission to fly last week. This whole thing could have been stopped cold on day one. But, they had a mission. An ugly mission. And that including fire trucks driving around in circles, no helos or planes, and plenty of guys with flame throwers firing the country. A great deal of tragedy and blood is on the hands of ALL OF THEM who knew about it, agreed to it, and were part of it. i BEG YAHUAH YOU BE WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES AND JUSTICE ATTENDED TO IN THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS MANNER POSSIBLE.

What poor patsies have been selected to be the scapegoat of this mess? It's their way, to have someone to blame, so there is NO INVESTIGATION OF THEIR SATANIC COLLECTIVE. 
Homeless people? 
Christian Patriots? 
Trump Supporters?
Combinations of the above plus ex service men?
Couldn't be illegal anything...they are the sainted ones in our era. It's the white man that is the boogy man. So, he or they will be white, male, and you can fill in the rest. 
It's quite a list, to be sure.

12-13 back deck

12-13 back deck more starts

Carp wasteland

In Calif, the average grunt fireman salary is 153,000.00 a year. This is average now, according to the state controller's office of California. And with combat pay, plus overtime, plus double time on weekends, plus not using sick time or paid sick days, plus NOT using holidays as much or paid vacations, the number average - as these are OFFICIAL NUMBERS FROM THREE SOURCES. GET THIS

$404,000.00 per year, per person. With a 98% pension for life after 20 years.

So, as you are swooning all over them, you badge bunnies and droids, remember, they make more in a week, than most Americans make in TWO MONTHS. Especially you. Of course its risky business, but they are the highest paid employees of the state in the game. Cops get about the same pay.

Check it out. And that's just California. Some states its way more higher. And if you are a captain or battalion chief, it's half a million a year, every year. To drive around in an SUV and tell the grunts what to do or follow the Prison labor vans around as security.

All those new RV's and boats. It's mainly cops and ex fireguys. I know, because every summer, when we can afford it as a group, I run into these guys and their new patio boats and speed boats, WE PAY FOR IN TAXES.

The homeless should get fire boots and at Christmas time, go to intersections for handouts, like they are poor. Oh wait...the homeless are poor. It's the firemen who are not poor. 
Gosh Mickey...such language. Citizens get scammed all the time by the likes of your kind.
Ojai, the worst air in this fire

Thomas fire from Camarillo pass

Leading edge they say, on EVR/192

Lack of moisture map then day or say, which is perfect, when you want to burn things, they say. Apparently conditions are just peachy for this horror show. I know the elite and wealthy are covered with the best insurance there is, but average folk are doomed. And Renters? They don't get anything, just total loss. Something I understand personally.
SB wednesday night 12-13

Lots of fires, so much for "haven't burned in decades" the media spews

THE DEATH MAP. Finally found the map they are working against

Thomas fire from Oxnard

Prison labor on fire line for one dollar a day and go F yourself and the yellow suit getting 300 AN HOUR to stand around and bark orders. These are minimum security, non felon, inmates doing time for DUIs, parking tickets, drug convictions, like that. They do this, because they get toothpaste, a day off their time, and more outside time in the yard. These are your neighbors who made a mistake and now are paying for it with their lives, saving your lives...for a whole dollar. Thank these guys. They've earned it. It's the new private prison system. Free slave labor. Most big corporations use these guys for 5cents an hour and the inmates HAVE TO DO IT, or they are severely punished. Biggest customer/user is Starbucks. Yet another reason to boycott these satanic fiends.

What's this, a new burn all by itself at the air force base at Vandenburg? Well, golly gee, guess they want this thing to keep going up north. Oh that's right, there's all those country farms, and small ranches to be got rid of. Fire is the perfect way to remove a people from an area, and with the new-behind your back laws-they can never come back to their land nor will they have the money to do so.
12-14-17 SUNRISE

Thomas Brush Fire On South Coast Grows To 242,000 Acres; Containment at 30%

The latest thing...we still see fires all around us every night, but they are never shown on the maps they put out.

Captain Smokey says this has been going on too damn long

Waking up to a wall of smoke, like every morning. And you can't see past it and the maps lie, and the reporters lie, and everything smells like burnt plastic

  • Why are fires burning in areas far and away from the main Thomas thingy, 
  • who is starting them, 
  • and why all at once, 
  • and why is no one asking these questions?

as awesome as this is, NONE of this money is actually getting to victims 😡 DM me to actually find out what victims of are scammed.

A relentless Southern California wildfire grew by 4,000 acres overnight as stiff winds propelled the monster inferno across rugged and extremely dry terrain, leaving at least 18,000 homes and other structures in the posh communities of Santa Barbara and Montecito under threat.
By dawn Thursday, the Thomas Fire had burned 242,500 acres — nearly 380 square miles — since starting in Ventura County on Dec. 4. Gusty Santa Ana winds and single-digit humidity in the region “will continue to support fire growth to the west, east and north sides of the Thomas incident,” the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection, also known as Cal Fire, said its latest update on the conflagration.

The sprawling blaze, which on Thursday morning moved up to the fourth largest in modern state history, is also burning through Cal Fire’s firefighting budget, costing nearly $69 million to battle it. That's how much the FFs have earned in salaries in a single week, he said. (Wow!)

“That’s the Fire fighter's wages, which includes the food, the fuel, paying for the firefighters and all their equipment. Hotel bills are donated and most eat for free.” said Scott McLean, a Cal Fire spokesman, adding that more than 8,100 firefighters were battling the blaze. 
Fillmore 12 14 being evac

Fillmore, spreading fast against the wind

101 freeway above mussel shoals, right on top of huge natural gas fields with blowpipes.


MSM and CalFire guys are going with homeless people living rough and starting the fire. They are to blame for all these daily fresh burns away from the main blaze and even started the whole thing. So, they picked homeless from my list as the go to patsy bad people.

Macy's and Nordstroms are giving 30% to firemen.
Umm...its the burn victims who need a break on clothes prices, not the fireman's wives. But I get's brand selling by looking a decent sort and lots of people are doing that online, more for "goodness cred" than anything else. Which actually, makes you look the devious sort, when seen in the correct light. Burn victims getting a discount REALLY MAKES SENSE and DOES SOME GOOD. But, nope.

EVR and Sheffield. Hope the people we know at that location are out. A shift in the wind, and it's on top of you. I've seen it too many times so far. Even happened to us.

More houses in Fillmore going up in smoke
Fillmore down to the Santa Clara River

Fire spreading out now into LA county and Kern County. We can still see fires on the ridge by the lake, every evening. Map is from this morning and doesn't include new burns further out, which seem to spring up every day. Out of nowhere.
Orchards and houses no more today

What's left of Ojai Mountains along hwy 150 above 33

Romero Cyn, a backburn that got out of hand and wiped out many millionaire homes.

Romero being torched intentionally, witnesses say. The cyn is gone now.

Always new burns, where old fires have come and gone. How is that happening?
Captain Smokey says breath deeply

Fillmore sunset

Fillmore night